27 September, 2011

If This Isn't a Sign Google Have a Deity Complex, I Don't Know What Is

I recently heard about how Doug Edwards, former Google employee, spoke up at a BHO "jobs rally" (or whatever...some sort of town hall to rah-rah for his jobs bill).  He said the IMHO disgusting thing of (paraphrased) "please raise my taxes."  It turns out he has a Blogger blog (Xooglers) too.  The name is obviously a mashup of the prefix "ex," Google, and the suffix "er(s)."

In his "So different, yet so alike" post, comparing The San José Mercury News and Google, he states (about Google):
Smart, articulate engineers, who know what people really need, even if they don't
Huh...maybe that's why we get such misfeatures as fading up of some parts of the main search page, SearchWiki, the leftnav DIV, and other useless crap.  They somehow get it into their heads we wanted something other than what used to be the best, most relevant, KISS search page in the history of mankind.

Sorry, Doug; you don't.  You obviously think you do, but really.....YOU DON'T.  All you need to do, with extremely little effort mind you, is look at userscripts.org for all the fixing of what Google broke.  And just take a look at the failures of Wave and Buzz (and SearchWiki, and likely other stuff too).

Although...I must say they deserve some props, for Google+ in particular.  It's not quite great, but good enough to attract more than a few Facebook users.

English is a difficult enough language to interpret correctly when its rules are followed, let alone when the speaker or writer chooses not to follow those rules.

"Jeopardy!" replies and randomcaps really suck!

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